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Saturday, December 1, 2012

I may present you guys:
Shizuka Oki:

Her VB is still in CV and will be updated every once in a while.
Please refrain from doing any harm to her. Like R-18 stuff or so. (if you really want to, always contact me! My deviantart:

Her demo is here:

The Boxart is done. There is an Demo to come~

OTOs are ready and the art is going to be worked on gais <3
so lets wait together untill i finish the Drawing OuO

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Name change!

Changed to Shizuka Oki. look in the UTAU wikia for more information.
thanks for already following this blog<3

Im totally making this blog a lot better once she gets released.
with pictures and videos and much more!

Be sure to check this out often to see if shes released <3

Thursday, October 11, 2012

FM-16 Melody

So this is the first post on the site where im going to distribute her VB download. (and YT links ect.)
I hope you are looking forward to it because i really do xD

I really hope you guys come to like her voice. i personally do.
I have desided on the song wich she will be released on. its still a secret though!
Make sure to subscribe to nizidafabie to become up to date! and also my souncloud account wich happends to be xxfabie-chanxx.

Here is my DA account to check out if there is any design art out now! DaydreamOtaku on Deviantart
Thank you for reading!

P.s. I dont know if i can edit each day because of my busy school life and what not. but be sure to check my blog out every once in a while!